April 7, 2017


August 2019

Human AI sound
30/8. AI/HUMANS/SOUND. Seminar.

EMDAA organised this seminar on collaborative setups between machines and humans. The event was jointly hosted with Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium and focused on sound related cases and examples of AI-applications and tools, including assistive robotic music technology, machinic improvisation, digital humanities, machine listening, musical style transfer, sound mastering and much more.

June 2019

17/6. IoT Week 2019. STARTS Talk.

Presentation on emotional data and AI from the perspective of experimental design practices. The talk was part of a two-day seminar by STARTS (Sciences, Technologies and the Arts). STARTS aims at bringing a different perspective to AI in terms of the purpose it serves for humans and how it is going to be operated. It looks less at robotics and pays more attention to hybrid systems in which humans co-operate and even co-exist with machines.

November 2018

facial machines
13-14/11. Facial Machines And Obfuscation In An Age Of Biometrics And Neural Networks

EMDAA co-organized this two-day seminar on FACIAL MACHINES AND OBFUSCATION IN AN AGE OF BIOMETRICS AND NEURAL NETWORKS. The seminar had strong lineup of international speakers that all push the boundaries for how we may think critically about and understand topics such as BIOMETRICS, NEURAL NETWORKS, SURVEILLANCE, AI DRIVEN CREATIVITY, and WEIRD INTELLIGENCE

November 2018

6/11. Big Data – AU Talks

Presentation for AU Talks on Emotion and Big Data. The event involved a panel of three researchers including Thomas Bjørnsten. The talks and discussions covered the possibilities of using Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

September 2018

Screenshot 2018-09-30 01.28.34
6/9. SHY FACES: Digital Subjects and Acts of Disappearing. International Seminar, Aarhus.

Paper presentation: “In technology we trust? – trust as an emotional factor in our relationship with digital technologies”

August 2018

Screenshot 2018-09-30 01.25.32
30/8. Affects, Interfaces, Events. International Conferece, Aarhus.

Paper presentation: “Putting a ‘Face’ To Data – how the quantification and sharing of emotions may enhance collective affective spaces”. With Emolition / Stephan Drescher.

June 2018

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12/6. Rotary Aarhus.

Talk for Rotary Aarhus: “Når følelser bliver big business”. On the research and business aspects of emotional data.

April 2018

Screenshot 2018-09-30 01.15.52
4-6/4. CERE – the Consortium of European Research on Emotion Conference, Glasgow

Conference participation. The Consortium of European Research on Emotion (CERE) is an informal organization showcasing the latest research on emotion across Europe and beyond.

November 2017

21-23. Emotional Data and VR. Workshop with Erin Gee.

Emotional Data Lab and Filmby Aarhus’ Ideas Lab hosted a three-day workshop with artist and researcher Erin Gee. The workshop focused on the integration of emotion and affect data tracking with VR systems.

October 2017

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 23.42.42
5-6/10. Shopper Brain Conference, Amsterdam

In collaboration with You Sense It, Thomas Bjørnsten talked about how the field of data driven marketing is increasingly making use of “emotional data” as an important source of detailed shopper behaviour insights.

Screenshot 2018-04-02 01.51.26
3/10. Sonification project with Zetland live

The Danish media company Zetland requested EMDAA to provide data and sonification material for their LIVE event #12 at The Royal Danish Theater (October 3rd). The data represented the Danish peoples’ trust in politicians and the idea of democracy. The musical arrangements were done by composer Mads Emil Dreyer and the piece was performed by pianist Fei Nie. Data analysis by Lasse Hansen. Sonification outline by Thomas Bjørnsten.

September 2017

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 20.18.51
16.09. Aarhus Walks on Water – event experience tracking

A collaboration between EMDAA, Emolition, and rethinkIMPACTS for tracking audience response from live events. Using bio sensor feedback and a custom build system we measure, track and analyze reactions to the fashion tech event Aarhus Walks on Water. Concept and system design by Stephan Drescher and Thomas Bjørnsten.

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 20.09.59
15.09. Experience Lab showcase. Aarhus DIGIT:TAL

At the Aarhus DIGI:TAL we showcased our proof of concept for Emotion Gateway. An emotion tracking system for use in VR-development contexts. Read more about Emotion Gateway under ‘Projects’

July 2017

Screenshot 2018-09-30 01.45.31
6/7. Talk: Hvordan føler du selv det går? – Om emotional data, nye eksperimenter og metoder. Envision, Aarhus.

A talk for the Danish ad agency Envision on the use of Emotional Data in relation to marketing, branding and commercial communication.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 23.33.17
03.07-14.07. Exploring Cultural Big Data

Exploring Cultural Big Data was a Summer University course at Aarhus University directed by EMDAA’s Thomas Bjørnsten and Winnie Soon (AU). The course has a focus on developing new tools and methods for understanding cultural experiences in the age of Big Data. Student projects involve neural networks, emotional data, sonification, visualization, and open data exploration.

May 2017

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 23.26.16

Keynote talk on the importance and impact of emotion research in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Organized by The Artificial Intelligence Meeting Aarhus.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 22.33.21

Talk for SPOT festival / Radar Lab event. On emotional data research in relation to music and sound experience.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 22.22.42
5/5. EMOTIONAL DATA LAB & Aarhus Walks On Water (AWOW)

Talk for HEADSTART FASHION AWARDS 2017 with focus on collaboration between EMDAA and the Aarhus Walks on Water event (September, 2017). Theme: How can we track audience emotional responses?

April 2017

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 23.28.24

Presentation of the VR-related project Emotion Gateway (w. Stephan Drescher/Emolition). For the Internet Week Denmark event VR READY – AR YOU?

Screenshot 2018-09-30 01.41.00

Keynote talk on emotion and affect data analysis and applications in relation to Virtual Reality projects. For the event VR – TODAY AND TOMORROW. In collaboration with Aarhus DIGI:TAL conference, Internet Week Denmark and .this Festival.

September 2016

Screenshot 2018-09-30 01.55.30
29/9. Investigating Emotional Data. Digital Society, Aarhus.

Talk on Emotional Data and the concept of Emotional Data Lab Aarhus for Digital Society.dk.