April 7, 2017


The field of Emotional Data is becoming increasingly important for tech and creative industries. Driven by research and developments in Machine Learning and AI-techniques computers can now identify and process human feelings and emotions more effeciently than ever before.



But what challenges are we facing when computers are able to identify the emotional content from real time gestures and expressions?

What happens when the digital assistants of our smart devices can predict our information- and buying needs from the emotional tone of our voice? How is our way of living affected by immediate access to personalized health data, which also involves the measurement of our emotional wellbeing and feelings from social activities?

And what does it mean to basic human communication when our social relationships are guided by algorithms that know who makes us feel the best?

EMDAA – The Emotional Data Lab Aarhus – is an interdisciplinary research and knowledge platform occupied with such questions and challenges. Through research and open development projects EMDAA connects broadly with partners and contributors to expand innovation and interest in the field of emotion data analysis and cognitive computing.


EMDAA is lead by Assistant Professor Thomas Bjørnsten, PhD, and is funded by Aarhus University.

EMDAA works closesly together with AU Datalab and international researchers and institutions in the EU, USA, and Canada.